What do you Think about Social Media?

So what if we had no techinolagally for a week maybe a day or a year? What would the world do, maybe they would realize what the world has become today and how people change everyday and every minute. I mean people are always constantly judging people every day. People use techinolagy  for everything  they don’t even pay attention to what really matters in the world.Look,if you take time to think about it you can see how kids are always using their phones,computers,tablets,whatever they need to communicate and not have to pay attention to spending time with people and not having to be so stuck up in the media.I mean social media has increased lonliness, self-esteem issues,Poor body image,Depression.” I mean kids my age text all kind of mean things everyday that they would never say to anyone’s face.”In this world today people put people down to make themselves feel better.”People don’t know what mis going on in other peoples mind and they don’t care how they feel or what they think they do whatever they want to hurt their feelings or to get payback on the person that has upset them.”As long as they get their way their okay.”So change your account do whatever you need but think before  you act.So how are you going to change the way you act on Social Media?


-Patience Horn-